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March 22, 2016 “Grandma”

“Jesus called the Twelve and said, ‘Anyone who wants to be the first must be the very last, and the servant of all'”. (Mark 9:35)

Good Morning Friends!

At the age of twelve, Ann Marie began her “career” as a housekeeper in the home of a wealthy family. She dutifully and diligently served the family of that stately home for over fifteen years, attending to many daily chores and tirelessly working without complaint.  While in the home, the family took notice to her interest in the many Currier and Ives prints they had amassed. As a gift, the family gave Ann a set of brushes, paints, and canvasses for her to try her hand at painting. It was not until much later in life…a life of continual service to others…that she began to exercise her God-given talent of artistry…a talent that was soon acclaimed and garnered her world-wide fame and the nickname by which she would be best remembered…Ann Marie “Grandma” Moses.

At the age of 93, after receiving the accolades of the art world, the acclaim of presidents, and a cover story on the prestigious “Time” magazine,  an interviewer asked her what she was most proud of in her life. Her answer was direct and succinct. She simply replied “I helped some people.”  Ann Marie Moses had a servant’s heart…that which Jesus declared to be the heart of a true leader.

As I have listened to those seeking the highest office in the land this election cycle, I have listened with a keen interest, for it is indeed a high privilege to cast a vote for someone who will lead not only with strength and resolve, but also with integrity and a servant’s heart. At times, I have been encouraged by what I have heard. At times, I have been greatly dismayed. Then I remember the Biblical command that we are to pray for those in high office and for those who seek to lead. That is my call as a Christian and as a servant of the Most High God.  At the end of my days, if someone were to ask me what I was most proud of in my life, I would want my response to be akin to that of “Grandma” Moses…”I helped some people.” The surest way I know of to do that is to pray and to serve with joyous abandon. Let’s pray!

I want to help someone today, Lord…someone who needs to hear an encouraging word…someone who needs to know they are loved and valued…someone who is lonely or afraid or angry or in despair. I want to be that servant you have called me to be, following your example. I pray this in Jesus Holy Name. Amen



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