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November 8, 2015 “The Trail Master”

For such is God, Our God forever and ever; He will guide us until death.” (Psalm 48:14)

Good Morning And Blessed Lord’s Day Everyone!

When I was growing up, westerns were popular in the movies and on television as well. I grew up with heroes like Roy Rogers, Gene Autrey, the Cartwrights of “Bonanza”, “Sky King” and the like. One of my favorite shows was called “Wagon Train.” It featured those early pioneers that traversed the country in covered wagons heading west across this great country of ours. Ward Bond played Wagon Master Seth Adams, who headed up the caravan, but he also had another very important part of the team…a man named Flint McCullough, who served as a scout and guide to help lead the travelers safely through dangerous territory.   For Christians, the Lord serves not only as our “Trail Master”, but also as our “Guide” .

We should often pray for God’s guidance as we look for a safe path through the wilderness of dilemma and decision. What we need is both guidance and a guide. Not only do we need to have the map showing us which way to go. The map is helpful in giving us landmarks and directions to follow, and that’s good. But we also need a guide…one who has intimate knowledge of the way and will make sure we interpret the map correctly. For believers, the Bible is like the map, and the Holy Spirit is the Guide.  We do our best traveling when we utilize the map, the trail master, and the guide. God provides all three, and all three are accessible to us through prayer.Like those early settlers of the old West, we should not attempt the journey on our own. Read the map, then trust the Trail Master and the Guide, to lead you safely on through the power of prayer. As the Wagon Master used to say as their journey commenced… “Forward Ho” Let’s Pray!

Mighty Lord; You are the One and Only “Forever and ever” God. Be our Trailmaster and our Guide as we seek to follow You in obedience to Your Holy Word. Guide us, O Lord, safely through the wilderness of life, in this new day You have provided. We pray this in the Blessed Name of Jesus our Lord. Amen!


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