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July 26, 2015 “I Do Solemnly Swear”

” Moreover, they made an oath to the Lord with a loud voice, with shouting, with trumpets and with horns.  All Judah rejoiced concerning the oath, for they had sworn with their whole heart and had sought Him earnestly, and He let them find Him. So the Lord gave them rest on every side.”            (2 Chronicles 15: 14-15)

Good Morning and Blessed Lord’s Day to All!

At the upcoming worship service I will be leading later this morning, a special congregational meeting will be hld, the purpose of which is to elect a slate of candidates to serve on the Pastor Search Committee. These men and women of the church will, when elected, undertake the most important task of discerning God’s leading as to who will serve as the new called pastor of the church. The work demands prayerful insight, patience, diligence, and commitment. They will promise to undertake this task with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love, always guided by the Lord.

Throughout our lives, there are occasions when we make solemn promises…vows…pledges. Most often, these pledges or promises are made before others who are in a position to hold us accountable should we fail to keep those promises. Examples of such promises probably started at an early age. In school, we were taught the “pledge of allegiance”. In our homes, promises were made to our parents and “deals” struck, such as, “allowance for good grades or chores done.” Later in life, perhaps you took a wedding vow, or joined the church and promised your intention to follow Jesus Christ. Maybe you were “sworn in” to service for your country by joining the military. All of these are examples of commitment. Many people find it a challenge to commit themselves to anything. Such folks may be tentative, indecisive, and afraid of the responsibility that comes with commitment. In this passage, there is no such tentativeness. There is a clear declaration made to God. The oath of allegiance they took was accompanied by shouts and trumpet blasts. Such decisive, wholehearted commitment pleased God, and resulted in peace for the nation. “The Lord gave them rest on every side.” What a great reward for wholehearted commitment! Peace and strengthening are its byproduct. Later in this same passage we read,  “For the eyes of the lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”  The question I would put to you this morning is, “Are you ready to enlist?” There is challenge in such commitment…but there is also great reward! Let’s pray!

Mighty and Everlasting God; we see how You honor those who truly commit to serving you. Move in our hearts that there would be no hesitancy on our part to pledge our wholehearted devotion to you, that we might know Your promised “rest on every side.” Amen!



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