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May 29, 2015 “The Efficiency of Prayer”

“In my distress I called upon the Lord; to my God I cried for help. From his temple he heard my voice, and my cry to him reached his ears.” (Psalm 18:6)

Good Morning Everyone!

Though I am not involved occupationally in the business world, I am interested in reading of their successes and setbacks. Recently, a lot of coverage has been given noting the rise and fall of a few of the more well-known purveyors of “fast food,” an industry with many competing companies eager for you and I, their customers, to frequent their establishments. No longer are business thriving by offering up the same time-tested fare they have served for some time. More and more, they are adding other choices to their menu, seeking to cater to the changing tastes of a new generation of customers who tend to be more discriminating when it comes to their food choices. As a result, some of these companies have successfully increased their revenue while others have not. But, to their credit, they are becoming bolder in their efforts to adjust and stay competitive. Bold and efficient business practices are of paramount importance.

There is one company in the fast food industry, (the name of which I won’t mention here, for this post is not meant to be any sort of advertisement, but a piece to ponder), that has seen a great increase in revenue that is not at all hesitant in letting it be known that it is a faith-based company. Though not open on Sundays, a major business day for many such companies, it has nonetheless thrived, ranked #1 in sales of its particular food offerings. I am not suggesting that merely conducting business from a faith-based perspective will insure success… the food, service, and value has to be good as well…but I would go so far as to observe that the employment of prayer as part of a successful business strategy has great merit and should not be discounted or merely relegated to “church” or private life.   The late Norman Vincent Peale, no slouch when it came to success himself, once said the following:

“Today any successful and competent businessman will employ the latest and best-tested methods in production, distribution, and administration. Many are discovering that one of the greatest of all efficiency methods is prayer power.”

Prayer connects the one praying with a great source of limitless power…the awesome power of God. It is not a complicated process. Very simply, one prays, God hears, God answers, the prayer responds with obedience and thanks. Simple, efficient, proven! Will prayer guarantee success in your business dealings? Not necessarily, but you can be certain that if your sincere prayers are not answered in the way you would have hoped, it is not that God hasn’t heard them, but more likely it is because He has something better in mind for you. Don’t be reticent when it comes to praying. It’s not that difficult, and it is incredibly efficient, so…let’s pray!

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for the efficient process of communicating with you anytime, anywhere, through prayer. Confidently, I come to you today, pouring out my heart, knowing that you listen and answer. Praise be to your Great Name! Amen!



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