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May 14, 2014 “Salt and Light”

“You are the salt of the earth;” “You are the light of the world”                     (Matthew 5: 13, 14)

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I am sure that you are as troubled as I with local, national, and world events that have been unfolding, especially as they relate to violent acts and riotous demonstrations perpetrated by certain groups or individuals against others whose viewpoints do not coincide with their own. We’ve seen it played out in acts of barbarous terrorism, shootings, looting, hate-filled rants, threats, and violent demonstrations, not only in far-away places, but in the streets of cities in our own beloved country. There seems to be no end of the vitriol gushing forth, and along with it, no end to the analysis of the “why’s and how’s” as it is reported to us throughout the day on talk radio broadcasts or news reports.  Be it right or wrong, the question everyone seems to be struggling to answer is “What is wrong with this world anyway?” We consider religious differences, ideological divides, racial and socioeconomic factors and the parts they play in a world gone mad. But perhaps there is another question we should be asking ourselves, especially if we are Christians. Christian author/theologian John Stott suggests the following:

“We should not ask, “What is wrong with the world?” for that diagnosis has already been given. Rather, we should ask, “What has happened to the salt and light?”

Believe it or not, not all that much has changed in the last two thousand years as it comes to the oft-asked question “What is wrong with the world anyway?”  There was racial hatred…Jews and Samaritans being one example. There were cultural and religious divides between conquered nations and those ruled by Rome. There were socioeconomic factors evidenced by the many poor and outcast who begged daily for a few alms from the wealthy who passed by them daily begging on the streets. Into these realities comes Jesus Christ with the words “You are the salt of the earth…you are the light of the world.”  So the question that we must continually ask ourselves as Stott suggests is not “What is wrong with the world”, but “What has happened to the salt and light?” The reason we must ask ourselves this question is because the answer to it is also the one asking the question. We are to be that salt and that light…that which preserves, gives flavor and zest and life and hope…that which illuminates and serves as a guide and example and direction as to how we then should be living as a society and individually. We are citizens of the Kingdom we pray for each day to come to earth. We are those appealing to the Almighty each day that His perfect will be done on earth, and we are the ones commissioned to make a difference in the world.  But where do we begin? We begin where we live. We begin by reexamining our own heart in the light of His burning truth, by spending time with Him daily. We begin with our spouse, our children, our grandchildren. We begin in the workplace, the community, and the nation. We begin with intercessory prayer for our national leaders instead of constant criticism of those policies with which we are in disagreement. We live our lives as salt and light, as Christ meant us to live. The question begs for a response…“What has happened to the salt and light?” Oh, there it is...looking back at me right here in my mirror! It’s been here in my home all along. Now let’s put it to the use for which it is intended. Let’s pray!

Mighty Lord; You have commissioned me to make a difference in the world…to be salt that preserves, flavors and spices up the world in which I live…to be light that illuminates those dark and frightening places most would avoid. May I live as salt and light each day, beginning here and now. This I pray in Jesus’ most glorious Name. Amen!



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