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May 13, 2015 “Your Holiness”

Like obedient children, do not be conformed to the desires that you formerly had in ignorance.  Instead, as he who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct.” (1 Peter 1: 14-15)

“Jesus said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath.” (Mark 2:27)

Good Morning Everyone! This is the day the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

A few days ago, my office administrator was showing me a new design for our weekly bulletin, asking me if I preferred to be referred to as “Reverend” or “Pastor”. My tongue-in-cheek response was, “Neither one…just call me ‘Your Holiness’,” That sounds much more pretentious, does it not? Besides, our Roman Catholic brethren may take umbrage with my assuming a title usually reserved by them for addressing the Pope. In fact, God’s intent is that we be holy in all our conduct, as Peter declares in his first epistle. Holiness, then, is not the unique purview of Almighty God or the Pope…it is a characteristic to be demonstrated by every follower of Jesus Christ.

In his divine plan, God has “equipped us for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:17). That is the “beauty of holiness!” One of the primary ways we are equipped for holiness is through our observation of the Sabbath…the day of rest. So how does observing this day of rest serve to make us holier?

Theologian John Ritenbaugh observed,

“It (the Sabbath) was made to ensure that man has the right kind of life – both physically and spiritually. The body needs a rest, but even more than that, the mind needs to be energized. It needs to be filled with the Word of God and to be energized.So that we have no excuse, God says, “I don’t want you to do any work on that day. I don’t want you to turn your attention to your own things.” Nobody will be able to come to God and say, “I never had the time to spend time with You.”

Holiness is obtained by time spent with God…time away from all other concerns and distractions…no excuses. Oswald Chambers said, “God has one destined end for mankind – holiness! His one aim is the production of saints.” “Your holiness?” Pretentious? Perhaps…but definitive of the children of God? That is most certainly God’s desire, for he is in the “saint-producing” business! Let’s pray!

Holy Lord; May a deep desire to live a life of holiness well up in me, and so motivate me that I do, in fact, life a holy life…a life set apart for Your service and Your pleasure. May this be my goal throughout this new day, and every day of my life, for I pray it in Jesus’ wonderful Name. Amen!




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