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May 9, 2015 “The Greatest Gift”

“The free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23)

Good Morning My Dear Friends!

Do you remember the greatest earthly gift you ever received? For some of us, it came at Christmas or on our birthday. Maybe it was at your wedding, or maybe it was something given to you at a totally unexpected time. My greatest gift was one I had been anticipating, but it came with an unexpected surprise. I told my parents of my desire to sing, and I really wanted a guitar, because that summer,  I met a friend at church camp who played and it was our intention to form a folk group (folk music was very popular around that time). To my delight, my parents agreed, and we ordered a guitar from a retail catalog. I’ll never forget coming home from school, and my dad saying that my new instrument had arrived and was in the kitchen. I ran out to discover a small box sitting in the dry sink. Puzzled, I opened the box to discover a very nice,but totally unexpected delivery…a harmonica…really? I had been sent the wrong catalog item! While a fine gift in and of itself, it was hardly interchangeable with a guitar. This was not what I ordered! Eventually, things got straightened out with the retailer and my new guitar arrived, a wonderful gift for which I have been grateful ever since.

While this was a splendid gift, without question, the single-greatest gift I ever received, or which any of us could ever receive, is the gift of salvation through Christ. It is totally unmerited and is available, not through any retailer or catalog distribution center, but through the “Jesus Catalog”. Understand this, however: The price is so high that none of us could ever afford to purchase it on our own. But good news! Jesus himself has it covered! No amount of effort, or intelligence, or financial resource could have paid the price. When you receive this gift from the Jesus Catalog, there is a proper response to such generosity…our everlasting gratitude and thankfulness expressed verbally in our prayers and tangibly in our deeds of love and generosity towards others. It is God’s intention that our salvation will result in acts of service. Our salvation, while it directly benefits us, is not merely for our own benefit, but is meant to serve Christ and build the church. Seek it…knock on the door for it…ask for it. It’s there waiting for you in the Jesus Catalog. When it arrives, put it to its intended use You will never regret it! You won’t be surprised with a harmonica…you will be surprised with joy! Let’s pray!

Matchless and Merciful Lord: No earthly gift can ever match the gift of salvation that is ours in Christ! Teach us to show our gratitude through thankful acts of kindness, through our daily prayers, and throughout our lives. Praise and thanks be Yours forever and ever! Amen!



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