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April 6, 2015 “The Dry Sink”

“And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.” (Revelation 21:5)

Good Morning Everyone!

How much do you want for this old dry sink?” my dad inquired of a neighbor who had carried it out to the end of her lawn. “Pfft…I just put it out here to be hauled away as trash. You can take it if you like.” My dad took that beat-up and discarded “worthless” piece of one-time furniture and with patience, skill, and loved restored it to a thing of beauty that still sits in our home…a true treasure. I imagine that Peter rather felt that way the day after Jesus’ glorious resurrection. Sorting it all out was difficult for him. He had, after all, denied even knowing Jesus on the night of his arrest. He hid in fear on the day of his crucifixion, unable to bring himself to the scene of his execution. On the day of resurrection, after seeing the empty tomb, he was convinced not that Jesus had risen, but that someone had stolen the body. On the evening of the resurrection, Peter, along with the other nine (only Thomas was absent, and of course, Judas), saw their Lord in his resurrected glory. But along with his amazement, there remained his guilt for having denied him, lingering on for some days following Jesus’ appearance. Dealing with these mixed emotions was difficult for him, so he returned to the one thing he knew well…he went fishing along with six of the other disciples. While out on the boat, Jesus once again appeared and beckoned them to come and join him on the shore. There at breakfast, Jesus brought restoration to guilt-ridden, battered, and beat-up Peter by asking him three times “Do you love me?” followed by the directive, “Feed my lambs.” He even did so by calling him “Simon, son of John”, instead of “Peter”, the name Jesus had given him meaning “the rock.” Why did he not refer to him as Peter? I believe it was because at that time Peter felt nothing like a “rock”, still guilt-ridden and ashamed. So Jesus takes what was beaten and battered and provides opportunity for him to reaffirm his love three times, just as he had denied him three times. Like that old discarded dry sink my dad restored to usefulness and beauty, Jesus brought restoration and forgiveness, and a mission to his disciple and his friend. It was Peter, who, filled with the Spirit on the day of Pentecost, proclaimed with holy boldness those things he had witnessed regarding Jesus Christ, and, as Jesus had promised, the Church was born, built on the Rock of that testimony.

The Lord is still in the restoration business. He still takes our battered and broken lives and lovingly refashions them into a thing of beauty and functionality. As the verse from Revelation reminds us, he truly does make “all things new.”Every time I look at that dry sink sitting in our home, I remember what was and what is, and how my Heavenly Father, just as my earthly father, brought restoration into my life, and a mission I’ve been on for forty years…”Feed my lambs.” What mission has he given to you? Let’s pray!

God of grace and glory; You have seen in me that which I would never have seen myself, fashioning me for your purposes. Mold me and fashion me, restoring me according to your will and for your divine purposes, I pray, in Jesus’ great Name. Amen!




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