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March 10, 2015 “A Little World of Wonders”

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well. (Psalm 139:14)

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Most of us, including yours truly, adhere to some sort of daily morning routine as we ready ourselves for the activities that await us. We get up and prepare ourselves physically by getting washed up, dressed, fed and groomed. We look in the mirror to see that things are in order…hair combed, teeth brushed, clothes presentable. The point is, we take care of our physical appearance. But there are things unseen that God has designed that do not demand our attention…things about this human body of ours that are constantly at work maintaining our being not through any effort of our own. Even as I sit here writing today’s little missive, my heart is pumping blood throughout my body, providing much needed oxygen to every other part of my body. Blood cells are busy fighting off infection. Signals from my brain are alerting other parts of my body to move or react to potential danger from heat or cold or other unpleasant stimuli. My five senses send signals to my brain regarding my environment. I hear, see, feel, taste, and touch the world around me and react to my world, hopefully in appropriate fashion. These, and many more things, both seen and unseen, are all things I am capable of doing without the necessity of planning ahead to do them or even initiating them.  A.B. Simpson, author and founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, stated,

“The human body has been called the microcosm of the universe, a little world of wonders and a monument of divine wisdom and power, sufficient to convince the most incredulous mind of the existence of the Great Designer.”

I really like his description of the human body as “the microcosm of the universe, a little world of wonders and a monument of divine wisdom and power”. David understood this as well, writing,  “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.  We are God’s handiwork, his greatest creation. Oh, we’re not so vast as the universe. We’re not as fearsome and glittering as the hosts of heaven. We’re not as mighty as a mountain or as deep as the rolling seas. But we possess something that none of these have. While still in the womb, God formed us, created in His very image. designed for fellowship with Him. We are a monument to his divine wisdom and power, and our very existence, as Simpson noted, is sufficient evidence of God’s being. Wonderful are His works. I know that full well. When I gazed in the mirror this morning, I beheld evidence of God. When I interact with others this day, I see standing before me a microcosm of the universe…a little world of wonders. I praise you, O God, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made! Let’s pray!

It is staggering for me to contemplate, My Lord, that I have been fashioned by Your Omnipotent Hand in your very image. I know your works full well, for they are all around me and within me. Praise be to Your glorious Name for all eternity. Amen!



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