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January 26, 2015 “Room For One More”

“When two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”  (Matthew 18:20)

Good Monday Morning, Great Friends!

Having traveled all over the nation in the course of my ministry, I have often been asked about the places Lydia and I have lived. The discussions often cover a variety of topics including the area, the climate, the church, the food, etc. Lydia’s favorite discussions usually involve the homes in which we have lived. When we have moved, if the move involves selecting a home to rent, I am more than happy to defer to her particular taste. When she is happy with a particular home, I most assuredly will be as well, because she makes every place we move a beautiful place to live. When deciding on a home, Lydia’s preference is that we find a place with three bedrooms. Considering the fact that it’s  just two of us living there, this may seem a bit excessive to some. But we always anticipate visitors…family and friends…and desire adequate accommodations for them. Most of the time, except for the furnishings, these rooms are unoccupied, but they are always ready and welcoming to those who make their way here. There is always room for one more at the McDowell home.

As is my custom in these postings, I like to draw a spiritual parallel to the illustration I have just composed, and today is no exception (it is a prayer blog, after all)! The parallel with the verse from Matthew 18:20, where Jesus is addressing his disciples, is that, when in prayer, there is always an extra “guest” in the circle. Christian author S.D. Gordon, in one of his writings, put things like this:

“If there are two persons praying, there are three. If three meet to pray, there are four praying. There is always one more than you can see.” 

Who is this “phantom person” at the prayer gathering? Actually, it is no phantom. It is Christ himself! There is never a gathering of prayers…be it two or two thousand, where He is not present as well. That is his declaration. That is his promise. There was never anyone who understood the power and the necessity of prayer quite like Jesus. He is the premiere prayer of all time! His followers came to him desiring to pray as he prayed, imploring him, “Master, teach us to pray.” What an extraordinary blessing and comfort it is to know that as we pray, Christ is praying right along side of us. We need not be concerned that our petitions are not being heard by God. The Son Himself is praying with us. We need not worry as to whether or not we’re saying things they way they should be said so God understands. The Spirit is interceding for us before the Throne of Grace. There is always one more praying than we can see. That’s why we need not be hesitant when it comes to prayer. That’s why we can confidently make our petitions known to God. He is right there with us praying with us. Let’s pray!

Even now, O Lord, as I open my heart before You in prayer…even now, You are here as well, listening, interceding, understanding. I am so glad You are here with me, my Lord and my God. Draw me nearer to You each day as I kneel before You in wonder, love, and praise. Amen!



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