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January 16, 2015 “Conduits of Encouragement”

“Your assistant, Joshua (the son of Nun), shall lead the people. Encourage him as he prepares to take over the leadership.” (Deuteronomy 1: 38)

Good Morning Faithful Friends!

Living as I do now in the “Sunshine State” of Florida, I am not much concerned about the likelihood of going out to my car on a cold, snowy winter’s morning only to discover that my car battery requires a jump start because of the inclement weather. The icy temperatures put a strain on car batteries, necessitating occasional assistance from a stronger, fully charged battery. Believe me…having lived in states other than Florida where such a scenario is all-too-familiar, I know from experience whereof I speak! I have experienced occasions where I have been the assistant as well as the ‘assistee.” (made up word).

A spiritual parallel may be drawn regarding God, Moses, and Joshua. God has shown Moses the long-awaited “Promised Land”, informing him that Joshua, not he, will be leading the Israelites into the land. But Joshua needs encouragement, and the Lord directs Moses to be a “conduit of courage” for Joshua in this momentous undertaking. Rather than being jealous of Joshua and angry at God for not allowing him to lead the throngs that followed him from Egypt to liberation, Moses obediently and humbly accepts and executes God’s directive.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Paul gives similar advice to the Thessalonian Christians, telling them to ” encourage each other to build each other up, just as you are already doing.” At some time or another, any of us could require an encouraging word…a “jump start”, as it were, from another. From time to time, those that have read on of my posts will leave a comment of encouragement for me, and I am always humbled and gratified that someone has been blessed by what they have read. It encourages me to keep going (and I confess that from time to time, I wonder if it is even worth my effort to share these posts).  Missionary Neal Maxwell said,

“We, more than others, should carry jumper and tow cables not only in our cars, but also in our hearts, by which means we can send the needed boost or charge of encouragement or the added momentum to mortal neighbors.” 

Each of us comes equipped with a “conduit of encouragement” within our hearts…”jumper cables” to recharge others by our words of encouragement. Let us spur one another on through these mighty words of encouragement, that we might help lead others to God’s Promised Land. Let’s pray!

By Your Spirit, O Lord, and through words of encouragement, strengthen me in this new day to press on, knowing You are a faithful and loving God. Thank you for encouraging sisters and brothers whose prayerful support jump starts me to action and service. Thanks, Lord, for such blessing. Amen!



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