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September 29, 2014 “The Memory Files”

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget none of His benefits;” (Psalm 103: 1-2)

Good Morning Fellow Sojourners!

I have discovered a sad reality as I have grown older. I am becoming more forgetful about things. My own theory, unscientific as it may be, is that my “mental file cabinet” has become too cluttered. Whereas computer data, or even an antiquated file cabinet, may be periodically purged of unwanted data, I believe our minds file away old data and things become so cluttered that it becomes more and more difficult for us to retrieve the desired data because we have to rifle through so many old “memory files” to find what we know is up there somewhere…just difficult to retrieve. So my thinking is, it’s not so much a memory loss problem as it is a cluttered mental file cabinet problem. Anyway…that’s my theory and I’m sticking by it!

Actually, we do tend to forget things. Most are trivial or are unimportant things…at least to us…but other things are more weighty and should be brought to mind lest we forget them. As you look through scripture, you will begin to understand that our Lord is fully aware of our forgetful tendencies and encourages us to remember the important stuff. Want a few examples?  The laws of God were not merely narrated. They were written down. Why? Because people tend to forget unless they see it right before their eyes. Here’s another…the Lord’s Supper. Remember how Jesus took the bread and the cup and spoke of them as symbolic of his body and blood, telling his disciples, when they partake of them to “do this in remembrance of me.” Jesus understood if his followers were to neglect this, they would tend to forget that truth, and it would not be passed on from generation to generation as it has been now for over two thousand years. In Psalm 103, David writes a psalm of remembrance. In it, he recalls the faithfulness, goodness, and grace of God throughout the ages. The fact is, when we neglect to recount the blessings of God, we have an all-too-human penchant for forgetting them. John Bunyan, who write the epic “Pilgrim’s Progress”, wrote:

“It is profitable for Christians to be often calling to mind the very beginnings of grace with their souls.”

I agree with this observation. In fact, I believe it is a great way to begin each and every day! Begin your day with prayer and praise to God, remembering his benefits, his blessings, and his grace. Remember and thank him for the day of your own redemption…that special time when in your heart of hearts you came to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Remembering that will bless you and remind you that whatever the day may bring, be it blessing or sorrow, God’s grace and God’s mercy are ever-present, for He loves you. Let’s pray!

Lord of Life; By Your amazing grace You redeemed me from a life of emptiness and despair. You lift me up to the heavenly places, and Your banner over me is love. I praise You and thank you as I remember all You have done. Thank You, O my Lord. Amen!


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