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September 18, 2014 “Fountains Of Blessings”

“You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus; ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'” (Acts 20:35)

Good Morning My Sisters and Brothers in Christ!

From time to time, in discussions with fellow believers, I have asked the question, “Why do you attend such and such a church?”  Quite often, the answer is something along the lines of “I feel more spiritually fed at that church than at others I have attended.”  I understand this observation and this sentiment. We all like a good meal…be it physical food or spiritual food that fills us up. The thing about a good meal is that, while filling us up and satisfying a hunger we may have at a particular time, it is not the sole purpose of food, be it physical or spiritual. One purpose is to fill us up, to be sure. But that is not the primary purpose. In fact, getting “filled up” alone may lead to undesired consequences. Physically, this is readily identifiable as we step upon the scales or try wearing a pair of slacks or a dress that fit quite well some months ago, but is now unwearable due to our physical “expansion” from all of that good food that has filled us up! If it is not  converted to an output of energy, we merely expand. The primary purpose of the food we eat is to sustain us physically and provide the necessary energy and nutrients for us to lead active, productive lives.

Similarly, being spiritually “fed” has a purpose greater than that of just satisfying our spiritual hunger for the things of God. Just as physical food’s purpose is to nourish us and provide energy for living productive lives, so, too, is the spiritual food of which we partake. We are fed to do God’s work. Usually, when we read or hear these words from Acts 20, we think in terms of finances. Pastors often quote these words around the time the plate is passed around on a Sunday morning. Now I encourage generosity in giving, and agree that this verse is certainly applicable on those occasions, but I also believe there is more to developing such a lifestyle beyond finances. We “receive” in order that we may “give”, thereby demonstrating our trust in God and our understanding that we serve at His pleasure. We are blessed by being spiritually fed. We become a blessing to others as we freely give of that which has been given to us. What is most astounding in all of this is, that in doing so, we become blessed all the more, and the “ fountain of blessing” increases in its output.  You remember the gospel accounts of the feeding of the five thousand? The blessing principle is clearly demonstrated in that miracle. The giving of a little…a few loaves and fishes…blessed others many times over!  Evangelist Billy Graham writes,

“God has given us two hands–one to receive with and the other to give with. We are not cisterns made for hoarding; we are channels made for sharing.”

Don’t selfishly hoard the blessings of God. We are not mere ” jars” to be filled up. We are “fountains of blessings” and “streams of generosity”. Demonstrate your thankfulness and trust in Him by giving of yourself and your resources freely and joyfully that blessings may abound! Let’s pray!

Bountiful Lord; I rejoice in the richness of Your blessings, and pray that I may be a wise steward of every blessing You provide, that those blessings may be multiplied as they are shared freely with everyone I meet. Thank You for Your gracious, generous provision in every aspect of my life. Praised be Your Name forever. Amen!





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