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August 1, 2014 “The Matriarch of the Fam”

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” (Philippians 1:3)   “Her children arise and call her blessed” (Proverbs 31:28)

Good Morning Sons and Daughters of the Living God.!

Today is a very special day. I, along with my considerable family, am celebrating the 92nd birthday of my beautiful mother, Mary Jane McDowell, whom we affectionately refer to these days as “The Matriarch of the Fam.” She is a most remarkable woman and a tremendous blessing to us all. My wife Lydia and I have been enjoying an extended visit with her in her Pennsylvania home. Right now, we’re “house sitting” for her as she visits my sister Janey in Vancouver, Washington. Yep, she keeps on the go, and is quite simply an amazing woman of God. I am so blessed to have such a godly mother. The Proverbs 31 verse I shared says it well…“Her children arise and call her blessed.” She has been a blessing, and continues to be a great blessing, through all our lives, and, like Paul, I can honestly say of her, “I thank God every time I remember you.”  Who are those people that have blessed you, taught you, touched your lives, nurtured you, stood in the gap for you, tended to you in times of need, protected you, prayed for you, provided for you, loved you? Don’t you want to join me right now in thank God for every remembrance of them? My brother, sister, and I, are truly blessed to have such a person in our lives as our mother, as is our entire family…her grand children and great grandchildren, her nephews, nieces, and their families, as well as many dear friends. and I thank God in prayer today for her, and all those who have contributed to my life in so many ways. Especially, I thank the Lord for doing all of those things and more in my life through them. Let’s pray!

God of Grace and Glory; We are so grateful for the manifold blessings we have received from You, often through those people who have been such a blessing in our lives…parents, friends, teachers, family, and fellow Christians. We are grateful for them all, and we thank you in all sincerity for such blessings. Your name be praised now and forevermore. Amen!



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