Posted by: pastormikemcdowell | July 3, 2014

“When the Storms Come”

“The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runs into it, and is safe.” Proverbs 18:10

Good Morning My Friends!

This morning in Myrtle Beach, SC, where my bride and I are currently vacationing, Hurricane Arthur is churning up the coast. Where yesterday I awoke to sunny skies and a beach already full of people, today the beach is deserted except for a few intrepid souls out jogging in the wind and the rain that is just really getting started here. Worsening conditions are expected later in the day as the storm makes its way up the coast, but it appears that our location will be spared the full force of its wrath. Besides that, we are in a secure facility, safely ensconced in our room and no evacuation orders have been issued for our area. This place is like a strong tower against the storm. Whereas it is the reading of scripture that usually motivates my daily thoughts regarding these musings on prayer, today it was the storm itself that reminded me of this passage in God’s word. Not only do we face actual weather-related storms in our lives…more often, storms of a different nature come to threaten us…storms of anxiety and fear, illness or tragedy, doubt and depression. Where are we turn in dealing with these storms of life? Some turn to wishful thinking, hoping that “this, too, shall pass.” Others may turn to the false ‘ deceptive “comfort” of alcohol or drugs to assuage their angst. Still others take a stoic attitude and chalk up such things to the realities of life. The writer of Proverbs offers another solution…one that is totally reliable and always available to those who believe. He writes, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runs into it, and is safe.”  True security awaits those who reside in the strong tower of the name of the Lord. God’s protective shelter awaits those who run to him for safety and security to weather the storms of life. Today, we remain safe from the storm heading towards us from the sea. More importantly, we are safe from the wrath of the storms of life in the strong tower of the name of the Lord, our rock and our salvation, for we turn to him in prayer. He hears our cries and answers us, inviting us into his loving presence. Those of you who are in the path of the storm, whatever its particular name might be…come. Run to Him in prayer and be safe. Let’s pray! Great God, our refuge from the storm and our strong tower; I turn to you today with praise and thanksgiving for your most gracious, loving care. Deliver me from the howling winds, the crashing waves, and the driving rain of life’s storms. I seek refuge beneath the shelter of your wings, knowing that I will be safe in Your presence no matter what may assail. Praise you, O Lord. Thanks be to Your great Name forevermore. Amen!



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