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May 24, 2014 “Wise Up!”

“For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” (1 Corinthians 1: 18)

Good Morning Everyone!

Have you ever noticed that occasionally the smartest people do the dumbest things…sometimes with tragic results? I recently read of a 19th century lawyer named Clement Vallandigham whose last courtroom appearance poignantly illustrated this observation. It seems he was representing a client on trial for murder. The accused’s defense was that the victim of the alleged murder had accidentally drawn his own gun in such a way that caused it to fire, killing himself. To prove this defense, Vallandigham demonstrated the victim’s method of drawing the gun. Unfortunately for the lawyer, his demonstration, while exonerating his client, ended tragically, for he used a loaded gun which went off and he fatally shot himself! Not the brightest way to prove a point! What the world judges as wisdom isn’t always wise.

Likewise, what the world judges to be foolish is not always foolish. In fact, it may be the wisest thing ever revealed to the world…that being what Paul calls The  word of the cross”. The word of the cross is the message that salvation comes only through Christ and His ultimate sacrifice on our behalf. Paul goes on to say that the idea that God emptied himself, took human form, lived a sinless life, died a criminal’s shameful death of crucifixion, bore the sin of all humanity, then rose again to new life was “a stumbling block ” to the Jews and “folly” to the Gentiles…but to those saved by that message it represented the “power of God”.  Paul goes on and poses this question:

Where is the wise person? Where is the teacher of the law? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?”

The wisdom of the world leads to self-inflicted, fatal wounds. The wisdom of God teaches us that those fatal wounds have already been borne for us by Christ on the cross, and that “by His stripes we are healed.” Our proper response is belief, submission, thankfulness, prayer and praise. So wise up! Let’s pray!

Lord of Life; I pray that the word of the cross may take root in my heart. Teach me its life-changing power and the wisdom of its proclamation, that I may share it as a living testimony in the things I say and do. Truly, it is the power of God. Praise to You, O Lord. Praise to You in this new day! Amen!




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