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May 6, 2014 “You’re Kidding”

 But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and don’t prevent them. For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)

Good Morning Everyone!

Yesterday, I shared with you thoughts about the value, the necessity, and the God-given example of rest. As Lydia and I enjoy such a time, we are also quite excited about the time we’ll have visiting our children and grandchildren. On this trip, it is our expectation to visit all eleven of our children (11) and grand children (20)! “You’re ‘Kidding’ right? How can this be considered restful? Of course, it will be hectic, but the “rest” we will enjoy comes from being with them…seeing how they’ve grown and realizing the great blessing they are to their lives. Not everyone feels the same way we do about children. Some are still of the opinion that they should be “seen and not heard”, which in most cases, is completely contrary to their nature as children. In the passage I referenced above, the disciples were of such a mindset. Children were naturally attracted to Jesus and his love ad acceptance of them. They wanted to be near Him. The disciples, ever conscious of Jesus’ important ministry, tried to keep them away from Jesus. Sternly, Jesus rebuked them with the directive to “Let the little children come to me, and don’t prevent them. For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Here’s something to ponder: If you don’t care for little children, you’re not going to be very happy about being in heaven! One of the greatest delights I have as a pastor is to have children of the churches I am serving come running up to me and hug me or smile and wave with a cheery greeting, “Hi Pastor Mike!” I want them to see Christ’s love in me. I want them to come to love Jesus as I did, as a small child. I want that love to take root and grow in their hearts each day. Most of you would agree with me that the world they live in is a troubled place. We have an awesome responsibility as well as a privilege to represent Christ’s love to the children around us…and not just our own, but all children. We need to be diligent in our prayers for them. One of my favorite songwriters, Gordon Lightfoot, penned a song called “Too Late For Praying”. The opening verse of the song reflects on our own childhood and remembers those who taught us, then reflects on our response to those who now learn from us. He writes,

“It was only yesterday When I heard the teacher say Patiently, one and two make three
We were children, you and me. Let us pray for the ones they call The children of today”

Let us pray for the ones they call the children of today. Let us remember them every day before the Throne of Grace, that as they come to know of the surpassing love of Christ, this world of woe may be transformed, child by precious child, to that glorious occasion when “the kingdom of this world is become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ…and He shall reign forever and ever.” Let’s pray!

Loving Lord, Father of us all; Today, I kneel before You in prayer for the dear children of this world, all over the world. I pray that they may come to know You, love You, serve You, play before You, rejoice in You, delight in You, and believe in You. May my life example serve as a reflection of Your grace and Your care for each of them. Thank You, Lord, for our children, and that as long as we have life and breath, it is never too late to pray for them. Thank You, Lord Almighty! Amen!




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