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April 1, 2014 “No Fooling”

“The fool says in his heart,  “There is no God.” (Psalm 14:1)

Good Morning Prayer Partners and God-Believers!

Most of you are undoubtedly aware that today is “April Fool’s Day…so be on your guard against serendipitous frivolity that may be directed your way. Make sure that what you’re drinking really is coffee. Check the door handle for molasses. If you have someone offer to tie your shoes for you, be on guard. There are tricksters all around today and almost anything goes! Some years ago, I had my oldest son convinced via a registered letter I sent that we had won the grand prize in a contest I entered called the “Like Father-like Son” sweepstakes. He was all excited to read of the $25,000 “Grand prize” that was included along with the letter…a check made out to him with the words “April Fools” written across the signature line. After that, he wasn’t so giddy…but it was all done in fun. and he got me back the next year with a prank of his own. Being fooled is not the same, however, as being a fool…and God’s definition of a fool is no laughing matter. God defines a “fool” as one who says in his heart, “There is no God.”  Sadly, throughout history, the world has been replete with such fools. In the second part of the verse shared this morning, the psalmist says of them, “They are corrupt, their deeds are vile;  there is no one who does good.” Denying God is a perilous road upon which to travel. The perceived rewards for doing so are an illusion. His bag of tricks are not like those harmless pranks one pulls on April Fool’s Day. They lead to more than amused embarrassment. Their end is corruption, vileness, and destruction. Don’t let doubt dissuade you from the truth. 

“Seek the Lord while he may be found;
    call on him while he is near.
 Let the wicked forsake their ways
    and the unrighteous their thoughts.
Let them turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on them,
    and to our God, for he will freely pardon.” (Isaiah 55:6-7)

No fooling…. God is real! Let’s pray!

Holy and merciful God of Eternity; Assuage our doubting hearts and minds with the truth of Your perfect presence. You alone are Holy. You alone are worthy of all praise. You alone are God. You alone we worship and adore. Thank you for the truth that sets us free. You are our Lord and our God! Amen!



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