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February 6, 2014 “God’s Broken Heart and Mine”

“Take tender care of those who are weak. Be patient with everyone.”                       ( 1 Thessalonians 5:14)

Good Morning Precious Friends!

At our home, we are in the habit of watching the evening news as we have opportunity to do so. Anyone who pays even a modicum of attention to such matters knows that we live in a deeply troubled world. Reports of wars, violence, natural disasters, disease, sickness, rancor locally and globally fill the airways. Bombarded by all of these issues, it becomes increasingly difficult to empathize with the suffering going on all around us. Most of us shake our heads in dismay. Christians may cry out to God in prayer that such things would pass and that the Lord would return soon, but beyond that an uncomfortable tolerance begins to develop. I confess to it. Bad news and trouble are so ubiquitous as to have the effect of dulling the senses and leading the mind to acceptance of the realities as just being the way of a fallen world, when, in fact, they should serve as motivation to pray all the more. One man who experienced this was Bob Pierce. You may not recognize the name, but Bob Pierce was made aware in his heart of the great need in the world around him and was the founder of two great Christian charity ministries…”World Vision” and “Samaritan’s Purse.” Bob saw human need and responded with action. Because of his vision, millions of impoverished around the world have received assistance and comfort. I am challenged by something he wrote regarding the ministry of prayer. He said,

“Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God.”

That’s what empathy looks like. God, being a God of compassion, is not an emotionless God. God is a God of love. God is a God whose heart can be broken. God does not look upon the state of the world with uncaring eyes, and neither should we. Don’t let the overwhelming nature of the fallen world dull you into thinking there is little you can do to make a difference. Every empathetic prayer…every act of compassion and generosity…every stand for righteousness and holiness makes a difference. The old expression ““Prayer changes things”, is more than a bumper sticker slogan. It changed Bob Pierce’s heart, and it can change yours as well. As your heart is transformed, so are your actions, and many are blessed as a result. Let’s pray!

God of compassion and grace; May we come to understand that those grievous situations we hear of every day also grieve Your heart. Inspire and encourage us to make a difference in the lives of those all around us by care, patience, and love put to action along with our prayers. This we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen!



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