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January 19, 2014 “The Only Adequate Way”

“What a huge harvest!” he said to his disciples. “How few workers! On your knees and pray for harvest hands!” (Matthew 9:37-38- The Message)

Good Morning Beloved friends!

Most of you know that I grew up in Pennsylvania…Lancaster County to be specific. Those of you who have traveled there, and even a great many who have not, know that Lancaster County is the home of many in the Amish community. For the most part, the Amish are farmers, and Lancaster County is one of the richest farming areas in the nation. All through the county you can see farms and fields producing rich crops and much fresh produce. There are dairy cows, chickens, and other livestock. My favorite time of year was always towards the end of summer when the corn was being harvested…some of the sweetest one could ever enjoy (and now I am getting hungry)! And there are also tomatoes…oh my! I’m not talking about those flavorless, dry hothouse tomatoes you find in most stores. To me, they’re little more than something red some people put on a sandwich or add to a salad. Oh no…I’m talking about wonderful ripe, juicy tomatoes bursting with flavor. It’s a pleasure driving through Amish country any time of the year, but particularly when they are harvesting. That rich produce is always available at their small roadside stands where you can pull off the road and take some home with you to enjoy.

So in today’s passage, we find Jesus looking out over a field…not a corn field ready for harvesting…not a tomato patch ready for picking, No, he’s looking out over a crowd of people not yet grown to spiritual maturity, but he sees the potential in each one and declares to his disciples, “What a huge harvest! Then looking at his disciples says, “How few workers! On your knees and pray for harvest hands.” The disciples saw crowds of people hungry for what Jesus had to share with them, be it teaching, healing, or food. Jesus saw a rich harvest for the Kingdom of God…people created in the very image of God ready to burst forth into a rich harvest. “On your knees and pray for harvest hands”!  A renown missionary by the name of Wesley Duewel, who was involved in missionary work for over 68 years, wrote:

“Prayer is the only adequate way to multiply our efforts fast enough to reap the harvest God desires.”

The fields are still white for harvesting today, and in order to do it, workers are needed…workers equipped with what they need to get the job done, and Duewel suggests that what is needed is prayer. Perhaps you remember a classic episode of the show “I Love Lucy” where she and Ethel are working on an assembly line boxing candy. At first, the candy comes slowly and the job is rather easily accomplished. But then the belt speeds up and as the candy comes more rapidly, poor Lucy is seen shoving it into her mouth, her pockets, everywhere. More workers are needed. the field is ready for harvesting, and prayer is the only adequate way to multiply our efforts fast enough to reap the harvest God desires, so…Let’s Pray!

God of the harvest, we do pray for hearts top be turned to you and for workers to help bring in the harvest you desire. Equip us for our particular task by your Holy Spirit, Lord, for the harvest is plentiful and we have work to do for you. hear our prayer we offer in Jesus’ Name. Amen!



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