Posted by: pastormikemcdowell | December 18, 2013

December 18, 2013 “Faster Than A Speeding Bullet”

“Hezekiah took the letter from the envoy and read it. He went to The Temple of God and spread it out before God. And Hezekiah prayed—oh, how he prayed!…”But now O God, our God, save us from raw Assyrian power; Make all the kingdoms on earth know that you are God, the one and only God”….And it so happened that that very night an angel of God came and massacred 185,000 Assyrians. When the people of Jerusalem got up next morning, there it was—a whole camp of corpses!” (Readings from 2nd Kings 19-the Message Bible)

Good morning Dear Friends in the Lord!

I wonder if you remember these words from a very popular show of the 1950’s…”Faster than a speeding bullet…more powerful than a locomotive…able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…Look! Up in the sky…it’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s “SUPERMAN.” How I loved that show as a kid. Superman was my hero. I used to pretend to be him, flying around the room…defeating many an enemy with supernatural “powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men”. Of course, “Superman” was fictional. I mean really…who on earth could possibly possess “powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men?”  Only One from above, who came to earth and became mortal Himself. His Name isn’t “Superman”. He’s not fictional. He is Jesus Christ…Lord of all. Greater than armies? He commands legions of angels to do his bidding! How do we unleash this awesome power in times of trouble? The answer is through prayer. Look at the results of Hezekiah’s praying in 2nd Kings 19. The Assyrian armies were mustering for battle, full of raw power, well-equipped to conquer. So what does poor Hezekiah do? He cries out to God. “Make all the kingdoms on earth know that You are God, the one and only God.” Hezekiah unleashed the power of the Almighty through prayer, and consider the results…”“that very night an angel of God came and massacred 185,000 Assyrians.”  Hezekiah lifted not a finger…but a prayer, and the battle was won! Author S.M. Sterling, in the book “The Sunrise Lands” writes,

 “Prayer is more powerful than armies, in the end”.

Faster than a speeding bullet…more powerful than a locomotive…more powerful than the armies of this earth is the power of prayer. Now that is super…man! Let’s pray!

Glorious God; Awesome are You in power. Mighty are You in battle. Greater are You than the armies of this earth. Yours is the name above every name in heaven, on earth, or under the earth. How we praise You, Great God our Savior! Come into our hearts this day and strengthen us for the battles we face, confident of Your abiding presence and invincible power. This we pray in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen!




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