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December 4, 2013 “Prayer Will Bring You Out”

“The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” (James 5: 16)

Good Morning Righteous of God!

I cannot begin to tell you of the difference that prayers made on my behalf have blessed me. Now I am a man of prayer, and I take prayer very seriously and strive to be diligent in my prayer life, especially for others. Many people have requested that I pray for them in certain situations, often health-related, but of course in other life situations they face as well.I am glad to do it for any number of reasons: (1). I am glad to do it because I love people. (2). I am glad to do it because I know it works. (3). I am glad to do it because it demonstrates trust in God. (4). I am glad to do it because God commands it. (5). I am glad to do it because people reciprocate and pray for me.  It has always puzzled me just a bit when people that I know to be believers are hesitant to have others pray for them. Believe me, if I am facing a challenge in my life, I covet prayer warriors standing in the gap for me. Even if it is not a dire strait I find myself in, I appreciate the prayers of fellow believers. They renew me and strengthen me. Pastor T.D. Jakes observed:

“You don’t even have to be the one praying, but if you get around somebody who really knows how to pray–prayer will lift you when you’ve fallen, prayer will catch you when you’ve lost your grip, prayer will stop you from going overboard, prayer will bring you out!”

Prayer will bring you out. Prayer will bring you through those troubled waters. Prayer will lift you when you have fallen. Prayer will catch you when you lose your grip. My advice to you today is to surround yourself with as many mighty prayer warriors as you can. Prayer warriors stick together. They are on the front line of spiritual warfare. The battle belongs to the Lord, and we are His soldiers in the ongoing battle. Take encouragement in James’ testimony: “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.”  Remember to pray, but even if you’re not the one praying, get around someone who really knows how to pray, and be blessed. Let’s pray!

Gracious, loving God; teach us to unleash the power of prayer for one another. Encourage us to seek out brothers and sisters who know how to pray. May we not be reticent to encourage others to pray for us as we pray for them. Asking someone to pray is not an imposition…it is wisdom. Hear our prayers that we lift to You this day, O Lord, for those we love. Glorious is Your Name. Amazing is Your Grace! Amen!



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