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October 2, 2013 “Why Confess?”

Now make your confession to God, the God of your ancestors, and do what he wants you to do:   The whole congregation responded with a shout, “Yes, we’ll do it—just the way you said it!”(Ezra 10: 9, 12)

Good Morning Everyone!

In my morning prayers, I always thank God for the reality of my forgiveness and my salvation. I can think of no greater blessing than the knowledge that my sins have been forgiven-all of them, by the shed blood of Christ on the cross of Calvary. But knowing this leads to a natural question. If we know that our sins are forgiven-every one of them covered by His precious blood- then what is the need for confession? That’s a good question…one worth our consideration. I believe, at least in part, it is in understanding that confession is more than our appropriating of Christ’s forgiveness for things we have done that we should not have done, or even not doing those things we should have done but failed to do.  The enemy, Satan, spends a great deal of effort in convicting us and reminding us of past sins. Those confessed sins have already been forgiven and need not be “re-confessed.” So what is confession? Confession is agreeing with God that our thoughts, our words, and our actions are not in line with His perfect will for our lives. Confession provides opportunity for us to recommit ourselves to do His will and to renounce any act of disobedience on our part. Confession is turning away from sin and asking God for fresh power to live for him each day. Know this-we sin. It is a reality of our fallen nature and is contrary to God’s perfect will for our lives. But know this as well…God is merciful and his grace is sufficient for us, for by His shed blood we are forgiven. “Now make your confession to God, the God of your ancestors, and do what he wants you to do,” Let’s pray!

Merciful and Forgiving God: “Yes-we’ll do it…just the way You said! We confess our penchant for sin and disobedience. We praise you for your forgiveness for past sin and your merciful forgiveness of those we now confess. Your grace is sufficient, and we praise you for leading us on paths of righteousness. In Jesus’ worthy Name we pray. Amen!



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