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September 18, 2013 “Knees bent and Hands Raised”

“Before the entire congregation of Israel, Solomon took his position at the Altar of God and stretched out his hands…Then he knelt in full view of the whole congregation, stretched his hands to heaven, and prayed” (2 Chronicles 6: 12, 16)

Good Morning My Beloved Friends!

One of my favorite movies is the film adaptation of Lerner and Lowe’s Broadway musical “Camelot”. Early in the film, we find a very nervous King Arthur hiding in the woods awaiting the arrival of his chosen, yet still unseen by him, bride, Guenevere. As he hides up in a tree. the entourage of the princess Guenevere comes in sight. She wanders away from her carriage and encounters Arthur, not knowing he is the king. Her guards, believing Arthur to be a commoner assaulting their princess and rush to her aid. But one recognizes him and kneels, with others soon doing the same, recognizing and acknowledging royalty. The rather embarrassed king acknowledges his identity, and Guenevere also bows. For centuries, kneeling before royalty has been customary. It was that way at the time of Solomon. He was the king. It was most unusual to ever see a king kneel before someone else, especially in front of his own subjects, because kneeling demonstrated submission before a higher authority…and who was a greater authority than the king?  Yet here we find King Solomon, the wealthiest, wisest earthly king of all time, kneeling and stretching out his hands in the presence of his people to One far greater than he…Almighty God. His act of submission demonstrated that he acknowledged God as the ultimate king and authority. This act would be an encouragement for his subjects to do the same.

As we pray, we do well to remember God’s greatness, approaching the Throne of Grace with humility and reverence and awe. Prayer is more than a casual conversation with a friend. It isn’t some sort of quick phone call we make just to “check in” with God. It is an act of worship and submission to the God Who spoke the world into being. He delights in our presence. He welcomes our prayers. He deserves our reverence. Let’s pray!

Almighty, Holy Lord! In reverence, worship, and praise we kneel before You this day. How marvelous, how glorious, how great You are, Mighty God. What an extraordinary blessing it is for us to come before You in prayer. As we do, O Lord, we do so with the knowledge that though we are most unworthy to do so, you accept us as your beloved children. Thank you, Lord. You are indeed awesome in all ways… perfect in power, love and purity. Amen!



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