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September 1, 2013 “I Accept Your Prayers”

“God appeared to Solomon that very night and said, “I accept your prayer; yes, I have chosen this place as a temple for sacrifice, a house of worship.” (2 Chronicles 7:12)

Good Morning, Good Sunday, and Good September To All of You!

A few days ago, knowing how great a fan I am of Christmas, my beloved bride sent me a link to a website which has already started a “Christmas Countdown”. Suggestions as to how to prepare for the big day, along with a countdown calendar are all there. Of course, i realize it is still nearly four months away, but I still look forward to it with great anticipation, and even now there are things i can be doing to get ready for its arrival. A bit of frivolity is a good thing. There was nothing frivolous, however, in Solomon’s undertaking of the building of the Temple. He prayed at its undertaking. He prayed during its construction, according to God’s instruction, and when it was finally completed, he prayed at its dedication. These prayers and this effort spanned months…perhaps even years. Through it all, there was no direct response from the Lord to these prayers. This did not deter Solomon, but I suspect he was anxious to hear something from God in response to his efforts. It would be akin to the arrival of Christmas day to an anxious child (or adult, for that matter). Finally, after months of waiting, we read these words: “Solomon completed building The Temple of God and the royal palace—the projects he had set his heart on doing. Everything was done—success! Satisfaction!God appeared to Solomon that very night and said, “I accept your prayer; yes, I have chosen this place as a temple for sacrifice, a house of worship.”  God’s stamp of approval was given with the announcement that he had heard his prayers. Solomon, though anxious to hear these words from God, was not discouraged when an immediate response from God was not forthcoming. How often do we look for immediate answers to our prayers and when we don’t get one, we wonder if God has heard us? God does hear, and he will provide for us. It’s his promise, and God always keeps his promises. Our responsibility is one of trust in the One who is trustworthy! Don’t be discouraged! Keep on trusting and keep on praying. God does hear, and will answer in his perfect time. Let’s pray!

Loving God; Like anxious children, when we request something we want an answer immediately. teach us patience and trust, for you are a gracious, loving God whose plans are always for our benefit. Grant us that blessed assurance that if we are living lives in accordance with Your perfect will, we need not fear silence from You. hear our prayers, O Lord, and respond in your perfect time. Amen!



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