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June 12, 2013 “The Mind Of God”

“The men turned away and went to Sodom, but Abraham remained standing before the Lord.” (Genesis 18:22)

Good Morning Prayer Intercessors!

   In this morning’s reading from Genesis, we find God’s dealing with the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah and Abraham’s pleading for God to show mercy  as he stood before the Lord. God made it clear to Abraham that the sin was so great in those cities that he had determined to destroy those cities and their inhabitants. Abraham begins to negotiate with God, interceding for these cities, seeking God’s mercy. He begins by seeking God’s mercy if he can find fifty righteous people in the city. God agrees to these terms. Abraham becomes bolder in seeking God’s mercy. Abraham looks for a better deal…40…30…20…10! The deal is set. The question that comes to mind through this dialog of prayer between God and Abraham is whether or not God has “changed his mind” because of Abraham’s prayer. I believe the answer to be no. The more likely answer to this is that God was at work changing Abraham’s mind. Abraham was well aware that God has no truck with sin, and he knew that there was sin abounding in Sodom and Gomorrah…sin which carried dire consequences and demanded God’s just response. Perhaps, though, Abraham was uncertain of the wideness of God’s mercy. In his prayer for these cities, Abraham seemed to be probing God’s mind to see how merciful he really was. He concluded from his conversation with the Lord that God was both merciful and fair. His own understanding of God’s justice and mercy were expanded. It was Abraham’s mind that was changed…not the mind of God. Prayer helps us better understand the mind of God. May we be encouraged in the knowledge that our heavenly father is both just and merciful, and ready to expand our own understanding of his ways and intentions for our lives. Don’t be hesitant to stand before the Lord. let’s pray!

Just and Merciful Heavenly Father: We stand before you in awe and wonder as we bring our prayer requests to you. Expand our own understanding of the expanse of your holiness, your justice, and your mercy. In doing so, we grow in our trust and in our confidence that we may bring any concern before you, as we do now in all reverence. Amen



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