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May 20, 2013 “Famous Last Words”

When they were stoning him, Steven prayed ‘Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.'” (Acts 7:59)

Good Morning Dear Friends!

As I meditated upon this prayer passage from Acts and the last words uttered by Steven, I began to wonder what my final words might be. I discovered what some others of note uttered in their passing. An interesting historical fact is that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, co-crafters of the Declaration of Independence, both died on the same day…July 4, 1826, fifty years to the day from the signing of that declaration. Jefferson’s last words were, “Is it the 4th?” Adams’ last words were “Jefferson Lives”.  Actor Humphrey Bogart, on his death bed, uttered, I should have switched from Scotch to martinis.” Actress Joan Crawford reprimanded her housekeeper who was praying aloud for her with the words (profanity deleted)-” Don’t you dare ask God to help me!”  What a contrast to those lifted up by Steven as he was being stoned for his bold testimony regarding the Risen Lord! “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” These final words of Steven were not unlike those spoken by the Lord Himself from the cross when he cried “Father, into your hands I commit my Spirit.” In our church we have a creed that begins with the words “In life and in death we belong to God.”  If we live each day with that knowledge and that attitude, I believe that when our Lord calls us home, our last words will likely be something a bit more uplifting than our regret over a beverage choice or a profanity uttered at someone interceding for us before the Throne of Grace. Each night, before I go to sleep, I close my own prayer time with the declaration, “Christ is Lord.” Were I given the choice, that’s what I would like my final words to be. Let’s pray!

Lord Jesus, in life and in death we are yours. When it is time for us to stand before the great Judgment Throne, it is our prayer that you will receive our spirits, that we might dwell in your holy presence for all eternity, for you alone are Lord…you alone are God…you alone are Holy…you alone. Christ is Lord! Amen



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