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May 9, 2013 “A House Of Prayer”

“From inside the fish, Jonah prayed to the Lord his God.” (Jonah 2:1)

Good Morning Prayer Partners!

There are certain locations that seem to be natural places to pray…churches, hospital rooms, bedsides, dinner tables all come to mind. We are all familiar with prayer at such places. But I would guess that Jonah’s prayer locale was undoubtedly one of the most unusual locations from which any prayer was ever uttered! He was in the belly of a fish. Now I dare say, were I ever to find myself in a similar circumstance, no doubt I would be praying mightily as well! For me, this prayer only goes to demonstrate that which David related in one of the Psalms when he wrote, “Where could I go to escape your Spirit? Where could I flee from your presence?” Wherever we are, whatever we are doing…God is there. When we are standing on the heights of joy, God is there. When we are in the depths of dispair, God is there. Do you recall the instance when Jesus drove the money-changers from the temple, overturning their tables and declaring “My Father’s house should be a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves.””  In one of his epistles, the apostle Paul refers to our bodies as being God’s temple. Put these together…Jesus’ declaration and Paul’s observance, what we learn is that this ‘dwelling” of ours…our body…is meant to be a “house of prayer” and not a “den of thieves.” When God’s Spirit dwells within us, there is no room for the Enemy to enter in with his agenda to “steal, kill, and destroy.” Realize that you are a temple of God and therefore, are designed to be a “House of Prayer.” So anywhere you find yourself…even if it’s in in the belly of a fish, or a well of dispair, God still hears you as you pray. Right now…just where you are, let’s pray!

Mighty and Everlasting Lord; You have created us to fellowship with you in prayer wherever we are, for we are the earthly ‘temple” in which your Spirit dwells. May our “houses” always be houses of prayer without hesitation or doubt. Gladly we kneel before you even now, right where we are, for where we are, there you are as well. Amen



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