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May 5, 2013 “Let us Kneel”

“Then Paul went down on his knees, all of them kneeling with him, and prayed.” (Acts 20:36)

Good Morning Prayer partners!

My grandmother on my dad’s side had an extraordinary way with animals.  She had a parakeet named Billy who could, on her command, say the prayer “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.” She also had a Boston Bull terrier named Bounce who would put his paws on the bed and kneel with her at bedtime when it was time to pray.  That woman was a true prayer warrior. When i was a small boy, I would kneel at my bedside for my bedtime prayers. As I read this passage, I considered the act of kneeling for prayer. Why is kneeling a good position for prayer? Though this is far from a comprehensive list, here are a few reasons why kneeling for prayer is a good idea, if you are able to do so:

1. Kneeling puts God high above everything. Customarily, subjects would kneel before their king. Christ is our King, so kneeling is quite appropriate and deserved.

2. Kneeling is a demonstration of humility. Jesus is Lord…not us.

3. Kneeling is an act of surrender. Just as raised hands show surrender, so does kneeling.

4. Kneeling demonstrates that God is in charge of everything. We yield to His authority.

5. Kneeling often exemplifies an act of desperation. It signifies our utter dependency on God.

While kneeling is not a requirement of prayer, there is Biblical precedent for it, and for the reasons noted above, as well as others not listed here. Kneeling, then, is an appropriate response as we approach our gracious Lord in prayer. As you are able to do so, let us kneel before the Lord our God as we come to him in prayer. Let’s pray!

Most Holy and Worthy Lord, we kneel before You in prayer this day, understanding You alone are worthy of all our praise. We submit to Your Lordship in our lives willingly and joyfully. Yours is truly the Name above every name, and we glorify You in this new day. Accept the praise we bring to you as we kneel before you this day, we pray, in the Name of our Lord and our God, Jesus Christ, the King of Glory. Amen




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