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April 25, 2013 “Because You Answer Prayer”

“Because you answer prayer, people everywhere will come to you.” (Psalm 65:2)

Good Morning Dear Fellow Believers!

I love good movies. One of my favorite films is Frank Capra’s classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life.”  One particular scene of this film came to mind as I meditated on this passage from Psalms. Young George Baily is faced with a dilemma. He knows that the pharmacist for whom he works, Mr. Gower, distraught over the news of his son’s death, has incorrectly filled a prescription which he directs young George to deliver. Not certain of how to handle the situation, George runs down the street and sees, of all things, a cigarette advertisement which says “Ask dad…he knows.” So he runs to his father for advice. I can relate to this. I was blessed with a wise, loving father in whom I could always confide with confidence, no matter what the situation.  The great news of this Psalm is that we all have such a Father in heaven.  We have a Heavenly Father to whom we can turn with any problem, any joy, any sorrow, any need, any request, who hears our prayers. The psalmist writes,  People everywhere will come to you.” No matter where you are or what you are doing, know this: God hears your prayers. Young George Baily got it right! “Ask Dad…He knows!” Let’s pray!

Dear Father in Heaven, what a privilege to know you as a loving Heavenly Father who is everything a father should be. You are strong, wise, kind, patient, protective, able, loving, a strong provider, a merciful disciplinarian, ever-faithful, steadfast in your love. Because you answer prayer, we come with confidence to you this day, and every day. Hear the prayers we lift up to you this day…prayers of thanksgiving and praise, prayers of intercession, prayers of confession, prayers of adoration. Reassure us of your loving presence as we cry out to you this day in the Name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen



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