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April 15, 2013

“Hannah prayed: ‘I’m bursting with God-news! I’m walking on air! I’m laughing at my rivals! I’m dancing my salvation.” (1st Samuel 2: 1-3)                        

And Hezekiah wept as he prayed-painful tears” (Isaiah 38:3)

Good morning All!

The Bible is full of all sorts of prayers.  There are prayers like those of Hannah, celebrating the “God-news” of great joy, resulting in praise, laughter, and dancing. There are also prayers of great anguish, like the prayer of Hezekiah as he cried out to God, begging God for healing and pleading his case before the Throne of Grace.  Throughout the pages of scripture, you’ll discover many such prayers…prayers full of laughter and tears…prayers of praise and pleading…prayers both sincere and insincere…prayers to the Lord Almighty as well as futile prayers to false, impotent, non-existent deities. What I take from these contrasting verses is that we come to a God who created us in his image which, among other things, means that He is a God of emotion.  God takes delight in hearing from us.  God takes pity and compassion on us. God is well-able to effectively answer our prayers. God has “borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.”  He knows us in our times of celebrating as well as the times of our weeping. We need not hesitate in pouring out our prayers to Him, for he loves us. let’s pray!

“God of Infinite Love and mercy,  we come before you today with all that is in our hearts. We come with thanksgiving as well as sorrow, for you know the innermost portions of our beings. You know us and rejoice with us as we rejoice. You are keenly aware of our fears, our anger, our heartache, and our doubts. Nothing is hidden from you. Search our hearts today as we make our prayers to you with the confidence that you are a God who cares for us and loves us. We praise you and thank you, Lord, as we come to you in the name of your beloved Son, Jesus our Lord and our God. Amen



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