Posted by: pastormikemcdowell | April 11, 2013

April 11, 2013

“Get up and pray so you will not fall into temptation.” (Luke 22:46)

Blessed Day Beloved Friends!

When i was a high school student, in my senior year I was given the opportunity to portray Professor Harold Hill in our school’s production of Merideth Willson’s “The Music Man.” In the famed “Ya Got Trouble” number from that renown musical, Professor Hill declares, “The idle brain is the devil’s playground.” Jesus urged his disciples Peter, James, and John who were dozing while he was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, to “Get up and pray so you will not fall into temptation.” He knew what was coming. Jesus understood very well that failure to pray makes us an easy mark when we are assaulted by fear and temptation, despite our boasts of allegiance and trust.  When our minds are not fortified by frequent prayer, the Enemy, like a hungry lion, prowls around waiting for the opportunity to invade our thoughts, making our minds his “playground”, filling us with doubts, fears, and temptations.  Make no mistake…the Enemy is ever near.  But his defeat is certain if we are fortified by prayer. Pray throughout each day, lest you, too, fall into temptation.  Put your trust in the One who is ever-faithful, and who will guard your coming and your going, now and forever. Let’s pray!

Mighty Lord, surround us with your righteousness lest we fall into temptation. Keep us strong and steady in the course that lies before us. Encourage our ongoing fellowship with You through the discipline and delight of daily prayer. Thanks and praise to you, O Lord, for such a blessed opportunity. We make our prayers in the Mighty Name of Jesus, the King of Glory in whom we live and move and have our being. Amen



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