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April 7, 2013

“On his deathbed, the king worshiped God and prayed, ‘Blessed be God, Israel’s God, who has provided a successor to my throne, and I’ve lived to see it'” (2nd Kings 1: 47-48)


Good morning, and a blessed Sunday to you all!

King David is one of the most fascinating characters in all scripture. He was brave in battle, steadfast in faith, yet morally flawed.  He was called ‘a man after God’s own heart”, yet conspired in the death of a faithful subject with dire deception.  As we consider david, we are reminded of our own human weaknesses and God’s abounding grace.  God never dismissed David’s sin without consequence, nor did he withdraw his enduring love.  Throughout his life, David worshiped God.  From his youth until his death, he knew of God’s presence.  He once wrote, “Where could I go to escape your spirit? Where could I flee from your presence?” (Psalm 139:7). Close to death, what do we find David doing? We find him worshiping and praying.  It is a prayer, not for healing, but of thanksgiving for God’s graciousness in providing a suitable heir for the throne.  Throughout his life, David kept the prayer line open.  One need only read the Book of psalms to discover that truth.  As you come to God in prayer today, ask that your own “prayer book” would be as rich and as full as that of David. Like him, be a man or woman after God’s own heart from the time you come to know him until you are ready to close your eyes in death. Thanks be to our gracious God. let’s pray!

Gracious and Loving God, You know our hearts, and our inmost thoughts. Your steadfast love beckons us to lift up holy hands in prayer and praise. Bless us this day, and be ever near in our thoughts and through our prayers. Your name be praised forever. Amen



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