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April 5, 2013

“O God, your are my God; early will I seek you.” (Psalm 63:1)

Good Day my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Most of us have a daily routine that begins pretty much as soon as we open our eyes. We prepare ourselves for the day in any number of ways…We bathe, we dress, we have that morning cup of coffee. Some of us read the morning paper. Still others exercise. Many read e-mails.  All too often, however, we go out to face the day not truly prepared for the day ahead of us, for we have neglected a very important activity. We learn of this activity from God’s word, and that is to strengthen ourselves in the Lord through the discipline of prayer and by covering ourselves with the “whole armor of God.”   I suggest that this should be the first thing we do. Begin each day with a conversation with God. As you do so, put on the armor of God so you are ready to face the day and the challenges before you. You may learn of this scriptural principle in the book of Ephesians, chapter 6.  God has created us for fellowship with him. He delights in spending time with us. Prayer is the conduit through which the power and blessings God desires to give us flow. Emulate David, who sought God early in the day, as his first priority. I am convinced that as you do this, you will crave spending that time alone with God even more than you do that first cup of coffee. Let’s seek the Lord now in prayer:

Blessed Lord, how wonderful it is to spend time with you in prayer. How blessed we are to be able to come before the Throne of Grace with complete confidence and know you delight in us kneeling before you in thanksgiving and praise. Place in our hearts a burning desire to begin each day in your presence, as you minister to us and prepare us for each new day. Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of prayer. Amen

Have a blessed day!

Pastor Mike



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